Video games truly have come a long way since its first introduction in 1970. Video games are challenging, complex and are ambitious and is able to give benefits that goes beyond entertainment and help improve hand-eye coordination. Below are some other benefits that video games such as Monk are able to offer:

Career Boost

There are certain game genres that rewards and encourages leadership traits, which helps to secure safety. Research has found that players are able to display a correlating motivations in the real-world career goals. Also, improvising in a game will help you become faster on your feet if ever an office crisis suddenly comes up.

Getting Physical

Though there games which promotes whole-body interaction even those that requires simple handheld controls, it could lead to physical activity. Sports games like tennis and basketball leads to children practicing the same skills from the game outdoors.

Slows Aging Process

Brain games that involves problem-solving, puzzle and memory shows to give a positive benefit towards older players. In a certain study, just playing 10 hours of play will help lead to an increased cognitive functioning for those who are 50 years older and that improvements last for several years.

Easing Pain

It is really common where we try to distract yourself from pain through focusing on something else. However, this is no the only reason as to why computer games are considered ideal for post-injury prescriptions. Playing will actually help produce pain-killing response in our higher cortical system. The more immersive we become, the better it is for us, which is why virtual reality systems are considered to be potential addition in hospitals.

Become more Socialized

Gamers are mostly being insulated as what many people believe. However, this is exactly the opposite of it. With the introduction of multiplayer experiences that are now made available online, it has opened ways to new forms of socialization to where players will work together in order to solve problems. Studies also show that games can be a good reason for friends to gather personally, etc.

Create Fast Decisions

There are some who owns a faster CPU than others and can retrieve information or be able to react within seconds. For some people, this is an ability that can be strengthened more through gaming. The fact that new information is displayed constantly during play, players are then forced of adapting quick.

Helps Reduce Stress

Though there are some games that are seen to induce stress, there are however more that can help reduce it. A major study in fact shows that players who are over six months and have their heart rate measure shows that certain titles helps in reducing the adrenaline response through over 50%.

Though many people usually disagree about such facts, nobody could really get the benefit if a person does not try it themselves. Also, most professionals today were in fact gamers before and some of them even until now.

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